Connect you for see prices
Connect you for see prices

This site presents the main modules created and sold by spécialiste prestashop

The administrator part (back office) is accessible at this address: :


The "private shop" module is configurable only for the shop "Private shop", this is valid only for the demo, the module does not contain this feature.

 Private shop

This module allows you to requiring customers to login / register to access your store with the ability to easily customize the rendering of the pages of connections and registrations

You can test it in front office:

 Display combinations

This module displays a table showing the versions with the possibility of having a zoom for images products.

New version : the display is optimized for Tablet and smartphone, test : 

 Display the cost of the impact of each attribute

This module allows to display on each attribute its cost. The module has been updated and it is now possible to view the impact of the price of combination if you have a single attribute and that the impact of this attribute is 0

You can see the result on this product

 Advanced privilege card

This module allows you to place customers into groups of customers with a code, this movement is done automatically or manually.

You can limit a code for a shop (if you're on multi-shop), limit the number of customer who can benefit from and even impose the validity dates (beginning and end).

Customers to validate table appears in the configuration of the module, but also on the homepage of your back office so you can save time.

 Change the carrier

This module allows you to change the carrier in a command, you can change the carrier and invoice delivery:

- HT (excluding tax)
- Incl. VAT (taxes included)
- Without changing the price
- €0 (free)

 Billing for professionals

This module is extremely easy to use, you just have to select in the configuration of the module groups of clients you want to charge tax.

 Restriction on the payment method

This module has been redesigned to simplify your life, just click on the checkbox in the column 'Restriction' for a payment and enter a minimum and a maximum. It is even possible to have different shops restrictions if you multi-shop.

 Tax (VAT)

This module will appeal to your accountant, you can highlight all the products for each order with a multitude of data: customer's country, order status and rate of VAT, price without tax, price with tax...

The configuration is very simple: you just have to select the settings that you want, you can change the order of the parameters by a simple click-and - drag... the result is visible directly in the configuration of the module but also in a CSV file (usable in excel). You can then send this file to your accountant.

 Hide prices easily

This module allows to:

- hide prices of product for some categories and for certain customer groups.
- display the prices if the customer is a professional,even if it is in a group of customers whose prices are not visible.
- display and customize the message displayed on category pages (font size, block, font color, background color, size and border color and the rounded corners).
- display and customize a headband either at the top or bottom of the screen (text, color, transparency). This message contains a direct link to the login / registration page. Another banner is customizable and viewable on small screens (less than 768px wide).